The following is a list of most commonly used Forms for members to download:







General Claims Form for pension claims, early retirement, disability claims, major burns claims, terminal illness claims, death claims, voluntary withdrawals, contract worker withdrawal (excludes Forfeited Funds Claims below)

For Migrant Workers claiming for funds forfeited when they permanently departed the Cook Islands


For Members wanting to transfer their Cook Islands National Superannuation Fund to an Overseas Fund:



The pension withdrawal limit is changing from $15,000 to $45,000 for all new pensioners. Existing pensioners whose balance, at their retirement claim date, was $45,000 or less are also eligible to claim their remaining balance.

A pensioner that is diagnosed with a terminal illness will, subject to meeting claim requirements and having the claim approved by the Trustee, be eligible for a full withdrawal of their remaining CINSF pension account. If the claim is approved, the pensioner will no longer be eligible for a pension for life benefit.

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