Member Investments


The performance of the Cook Islands National Superannuation Fund is measured across three key areas:

  1. Strategic
  2. Operations
  3. Investment Returns

Strategic Performance

This is based on the Strategic Plans of CINSF set out over 3 – 5 years and encompass the direction of the Fund, the future needs of members, its governance, and resources.

Operational Performance

The operations of CINSF are spread across the Cook Islands and New Zealand, with the Cook Islands Office responsible for mainly customer service, operations, and compliance. The Fund’s service providers are all located in New Zealand and each provider must comply with relevant documentation.

Investment Performance

Whilst the focus of the members may be on the annual returns of the Fund, the performance measurements we use for the Fund are taken over a longer period with the objective being an outperformance of the benchmark of each Option, set by the respective Reference Portfolio.

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