Making Payments

Online Employer Portal – Te Roro

Te Roro is the online software program designed to aid employers in the management of their CINSF contributions. It has been designed to remove the manual processing by employers, reduce the amount of errors and re-work, increasing the speed a members funds are invested, and improve compliance.

Te Roro provides employers with:

  • A secure log in to the Employer account
  • A dashboard displaying any Employer Issues, status of Declarations, and Balance
  • Access to frequently used Forms
  • The ability to manage Declarations (view, draft, and lodge monthly contributions)
  • The ability to manage Employments (adding and removing staff)
  • The ability to import bulk contributions data
  • An online payment slip
  • Historical records

Access to the system is provided by the CINSF office when you register as an employer, and a user manual is also provided to assist you to use all the functions of Te Roro.

Payment Procedure

Monthly contributions are due by the 20th of each month. The system applies automatic penalty charges for late submissions and payments, refer to the Penalty Rates section for more detail.

Payments can be made through:

  • Online banking
  • Bank deposit

The declarations section of Te Roro will provide the Employer with an update on the processing of the payment to their account, and the balance will display the up to date amount owing or in advance.

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