Making Payments

National Superannuation Fund (NSF) Database

The NSF Super-System is a software program designed to aid employers in preparing Fund contribution data for their employees. The Super-System maintains a list of your employees, their personal data, and optionally, their wage information. The program will facilitate the process of calculating contribution amounts and submitting member and contribution data to the National Superannuation Office. The program also functions as a referee for the rules and regulations associated with National Superannuation Act. The Super-System is freely available to any employer in the Cook Islands.

The Super-System is designed as a stand-alone data entry process that reduces the time and effort required to generate monthly returns. The Super-System can also generate records that employers can store for future reference and reprinting as required. The program has three primary functions:

1. Personal Data

2. Contribution Preparation

3. Reference

Payment Procedure

Monthly contributions can be paid at our office on the 20th of each month. Our office is located in the heart of town on the ground floor of the ANZ Building below SouthPac Trust, Avarua, Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

For those employers that prefer to make monthly payments by E-Payment instead of visiting our office may do so.

This can be done as follows:

  • Once you have completed and saved the Preparation of Contributions, email the saved ‘data file’ to
  • Wait for confirmation from our office that your Contributions Report is “accepted”. Once accepted a “CINSF Payslip and Bank Deposit” will be forwarded to you in order for your cheque payment to be made at either Bank or likewise to our office.
  • Email ‘data file’
  • Wait for CINSF Payslip and Bank Deposit
  • Deposit to Bank

If your Contributions Report is “rejected” there will be errors that must be rectified by you. You must rectify these errors before forwarding again to our office.

Payment to either Bank or our office can only be accepted once a “CINSF Payslip and Bank Deposit” has been received.

  • All Manual Contributions will continue as normal.
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