Information for Employers

Employers are often the first point of contact for employees when they are querying their contributions or options. In the first instance it is recommended to refer your employees to the CINSF Office or to this website to provide the right information to them.

To follow is some of the more relevant information for Employers.

Working for Different Employers

Every employer shall ensure that every employee in their employment is registered with the Fund and shall provide all the necessary assistance towards completing a Membership form if the employee is joining the Fund. Both the employer and employee are required to contribute to the Fund if the employee has more than one employer.

Each time a new employee starts, you must ensure that contributions are forwarded to the CINSF office with the correct membership details.

When employment ceases, the employer is required to update their employments to specify the employee is no longer employed

All contributions invested in the employee’s name shall remain in the fund until such time they recommence employment again or become entitled to a benefit.

If employees are temporarily absent from work, the employer must notify the Fund of that situation. Contributions will commence once the employee recommences employment again.

Leaving the Cook Islands

Should an employee under your employment decide to permanently depart the Cook Islands, their contributions remain in the Fund and continue to earn interest at the same rate as all other members.

Employees are entitled to transfer their funds to a superannuation fund in the country they have permanently migrated to, subject to conditions, or leave their funds in the CINSF and receive the Benefits when they become due. These benefits are payable to your employees anywhere in the world.

It is very important that your employees notify the CINSF office should they leave the Cook Islands and continue to advise our office of current overseas address. If members do not keep current addresses up to date, they may not be able to receive a benefit when it becomes due.

Employer Changes

Should an Employer change the name, status, or close their business, and no longer have any employees that are required to contribute to the Fund, it is very important that the employer notify the CINSF office to confirm the change. This will help to avoid any unnecessary penalties from being applied to the Employer.

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