Media Release: Investment Returns for CINSF Members

The Cook Islands National Superannuation Fund (CINSF or the Fund) is pleased to advise members the 2015 declared investment rates of return for each of the new member investment options.

This is the first year the Fund has provided varied returns depending on the investment choice the members have selected. The Fund launched member investment options in mid 2015 to meet the demands of members to provide more choice and the option to take more risk to earn potentially higher returns.

Whilst the Fund conducted many public presentations and presentations to employees at their place of work, the overwhelming majority of members have remained in the default fund that is the Conservative Fund. The Conservative Fund is the original fund that has been in place since the initial set up of the CINSF and is considered the lowest risk of the three options. The two new Funds launched in 2015, the Balanced and the Growth Funds, both have greater exposure to the equities markets and therefore provide more risk to potentially earn higher returns.

Investment Returns for 2015:

3.63%  The Conservative Fund

6.92%  The Balanced Fund

6.05%  The Growth Fund

Individual statements are now being prepared for delivery to members, and we would like to encourage all our members to review their account statements, the investment option they are currently in, and their risk appetite to ensure they are investing their money in the Fund most suitable to them.

Members can also view the Funds 2015 Audited Financial Accounts and Annual Report to Members on the website


Damien Beddoes


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