2022 Negative Investment Returns

The CINSF have declared the 2022 Investment Returns to Members. The year 2022 was dominated by geopolitical and economic impacts that drove global investment markets down. The CINSF investment options include a mix of income and growth assets are 100% invested in the global markets and reflect those impacts in the negative declared returns to members: 

CINSF Investment Fund Interest Rate Year ended 31 December 2022 (%)
CINSF Conservative Fund – 11.6%
CINSF Balanced Fund – 11.8%
CINSF Growth Fund – 11.9%

From time to time when the CINSF does declare a negative return to members, there are often questions raised as to how and why the Funds produce negative returns. We encourage those members to either come into our office or we can arrange an information session at your place of work to explain how the Fund works. To demonstrate the movement in markets and the performance of the funds we have included the table below which sets out how much the Funds have recovered up to 30 April 2023:

CINSF Investment Fund Interim Interest Rate to 30 April 2023 (%)
CINSF Conservative Fund + 3.7%
CINSF Balanced Fund + 5.7%
CINSF Growth Fund + 6.8%

Members investment accounts have been adjusted to reflect the negative interest as of 31 December 2022. To check your investment accounts please click on the member login on the home page of the CINSF website. Those that do not already have access will need to complete the registration to log in.

If you require any assistance to log in please contact our team at the CINSF office.

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