CINSF Conservative Fund (Default Fund)

Investment Objectives

To produce rates of return over time that are in excess of inflation by investing a small percentage of the assets in growth assets while keeping the probability of a negative return at low levels.

To provide a Total Fund Return that is higher than that of the median manager amongst Conservative Funds in the Morningstar KiwiSaver Survey, measured over rolling 3-year periods.

To provide a Total Fund Return that exceeds the Benchmark Return by 0.3% p.a. over rolling 3-year periods.

This Fund is expected to provide a Total Fund Return that exceeds the New Zealand CPI by at least 2.0% p.a., measured over rolling 3-year periods.

The Benchmark Return is the return that would have been achieved had the Investment Fund been invested in line with its Strategic Asset Allocation and earned the benchmark index returns of each asset class.

Total Fund Return is the Investment Fund return net of investment manager fees

Benchmark asset allocation and underlying investment funds

Asset Class Benchmark % Rebalancing Range % Underlying Investment Product
Pacific Equities 10 8 – 12 Russell Investments NZ Share Fund
Global Equities 20 16 – 24

Russell Investments Global Opportunities Fund – Class A

Russell Investments Hedged Global Shares Fund

Total Growth Assets 30 25 – 35  
Cash 0 0 – 5
  • Cash at bank; or
  • Bank Floating Rate Notes; or
  • Investment in a registered Managed Investment Scheme provided it is unitised, daily priced, and subject to the Trustees prior approval.

The maximum duration is 180 days.

Pacific Fixed Interest 14 12 – 14 Russell Investments NZ Fixed Interest Fund
Global Fixed Interest 56 52 – 60 Russell Global Bond Fund Class B
Total Income Assets 70 65 – 75  
*Domestic Growth & Income Assets 0 0 – 20 Investment in a Cook Islands domiciled entity
Total Domestic Assets 0 – 20 0 – 20  

*Domestic Growth & Income Assets are reflective of the CINS Act 2000 that imposes a limit of 20% of the total Portfolio being invested in the Cook Islands. That investment may take the form of Growth and/or Income Assets, but not exceed a combined total of 20% of the total Portfolio. Whilst there is currently no exposure to the domestic market, if a domestic investment is made, a reduction will be made to the corresponding Asset Classes in the Growth or Income Assets to retain the 70%/30% Income/Growth split.

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